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 an online diabetes counselling & education team for all people living with all types of diabetes & their families, connecting people to better wellbeing

Welcome! Diabetes Counselling Online is for all people living with all types of diabetes, their families and friends. Our aim is to connect people with diabetes and their families to a better quality of life. We understand that diabetes management goes hand in hand with your wellbeing.

We offer a diabetes virtual team that is online, personalised, professional and understanding and having been online since 2001, we are very experienced at personal 1-1 e-counselling via email, as well as group counselling and support in our regular chat sessions and in our discussion forums.

We are a not for profit, gift deductible charity. We understand the impact of depression, anxiety and diabetes distress for many people living with diabetes and our focus is on the connections between diabetes, mental health and wellbeing. We offer counselling and diabetes education together, as well as support and connections to other people living with diabetes in the growing diabetes online community.

As well as having professional qualifications and experience, most of out team have personal experience of life with diabetes – we get it!  You can also catch up with us on Facebook where you can connect with each other and our team across a large range of groups; at our daily blog to share thoughts and feelings about  life with diabetes and to find up to date links and news. Join us in discussions and follow us on Twitter.