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Your Home For a Happy Healthy Life With Diabetes

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How to explain life with diabetes to someone who doesn't have diabetes

How to explain life with diabetes to someone who doesn’t have diabetes


A few weeks ago I asked our fabulous community -” if you could say one thing to someone who has never met anyone with diabetes before and you wanted to make sure they totally get it – what would you say to them?” Here is what you said about life with diabetes. You have to…

5 things to do when you have a bad day with

5 Things To Do When You Have a Bad Day With Diabetes


Do you have those terrible, awful, no good days with diabetes? I think most of us do. And sometimes you have more than your fair share. I have been lately. This week I have had approximately 5 out of 7 days like that. So I was thinking that we need to have some things we…

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Some Exciting News – Telstra Business Women’s Awards Finalist 2015!


If you have been following along and been part of Diabetes Counselling Online for a while, you will know how long and hard I have worked, with an amazing team of volunteers and counsellors in the past few years, to support thousands of people living with diabetes. You may also know I have some other…

travel and diabetes tips

Tips For Travel & Diabetes


I have just been away in Darwin where the weather is totally opposite to Adelaide (HOT!) and my diabetes tried to push me around as it did not like the sudden change in weather! Have you experienced that and how do you find travel and diabetes? I travel a lot for work, which I love,…


It is time to lose the blame when it comes to your diabetes


Do you find yourself feeling guilt about your diabetes management? It is time to lose the blame when it comes to your diabetes. Holding onto motivation around your diabetes can be tough when the results are not as you would like them to be- and let’s face it, diabetes can be like that at times. Feeling…

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Dealing With Control in Diabetes


Life with diabetes is closely connected with the word “control”. When diagnosed with diabetes there is usually a sense of being “out of control” and talk around you from mostly well meaning people, that you need to “take control”. There can be many reasons why it is hard to get, maintain, or hold onto, control –…

Online Diabetes Counselling Putting People in the Driver’s Seat


  For those of you who have been part of our community over the years, you will know about how I started the services and have been on the journey with us. Others may have only joined us recently. In 2012 I won a grant to develop and evaluate our services. The grant has now…

man and boy mountain walk

Why all of us with diabetes should stand together


You know “those days” with diabetes? I have been having a lot of them lately, including very bad highs and some lows, that could have left me cowering in the corner. If you have diabetes you may know what I mean. But they didn’t. You know why? Because this is the life I have been…

managing teens with diabetes

How to Manage Food For Teens With Diabetes


I have been running a series on food management for kids and young people this week. Today I am talking about how to manage food for teens with diabetes. Adolescence is an exciting and challenging time for all parents and teens, diabetes or not! For a family where a teenager has diabetes the period of…

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Tips For Feeding Toddlers With Type 1 Diabetes


Feeding toddlers can be a difficult task at the best of times, and this can become twice as challenging if you have a toddler with type 1 diabetes. The most important thing to remember is that toddlers with diabetes have the same dietary requirements as any other toddler, and a healthy, balanced diet should provide…

what to feed primary aged kids with diabetes on

What to Feed Primary School Kids with Type 1 Diabetes


Primary school is an exciting time for children as they enter a new school, make new friends and begin to partake in social events such as parties, sleepovers and school camps. During this time children become increasingly independent and aware of the social and practical aspects of their diabetes management. While parents are still actively…

how to deal with diabetes

It Makes Sense If You Have Diabetes


I have just been away for an amazing weekend in Sydney with my fellow “Bloggerati” bloggers, which I have just joined, as a part of my new blogging talent agency, Nuffnang. It was a wonderful trip and you will be able to read about it soon on my Recycled Interiors blog, but today I am…

Newly diagnosed with diabetes?

It can be very confusing and upsetting. You may feel like you are no longer the driver of your life. Read our information & blog posts about how to deal with your diagnosis of diabetes and what to expect.

Wellbeing, Mental Health & Diabetes

Do you find life with diabetes hard sometimes? We all do. That is why connecting with other people with diabetes is so important. Come join us and find out more about how to have a better quality of life with diabetes.

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