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+-*Guest post by Georgia Hall I work full time, and I also run my own small business with my business partner, but sometimes it feels like I am working 3 jobs. The other day I was working at an event down at the Convention Centre, about a 15 minute walk from my Grenfell Offices. Before I…

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+-*Do people living with diabetes have more problems with the teeth than others? Although a number of oral disorders have been associated with diabetes mellitus, the data support the fact that periodontitis is a complication of diabetes. “People with diabetes who keep their blood glucose levels in a target range have no more dental problems…

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Missing a Dose of Insulin: Type 2 Diabetes

+-*  Missed insulin injections can be much more of a pain than the injections themselves. Have you a plan for this somewhat stressful situation? What effect a late injection will have and what dose should be administered can be a challenge. Being prepared by including this into your diabetes self care plan may alleviate some of…

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D-discussion on ‘That Sugar Film’

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+-*Last week I attended the Newcastle premiere of ‘That Sugar Film’, with Damon Gameau as the star. I was there because I was invited to participate afterwards as the ‘nutrition expert’ in the 30 minute Q&A with the audience, numbering 640. I thought my experience worth talking about as, although the film is doing an…

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