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20 things I hate about diabetes

Sometimes I get sick of telling people that their diabetes will be ok, and they will be ok, and everything will be ok. Not because I don’t believe that to be true, I do. I think everything WILL be ok. But damn it, diabetes is NOT always ok. I am exhausted at the moment- are…

Teamwork ....will get you everywhere ... especially home sooner from hospital

Blood Glucose Level in Hospital

Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) produced the document ‘Guidelines for Routine Glucose Control in Hospital 2012‘ The aim of this document is to provide guidance for the management of hyperglycaemia in a range of hospital situations. As a people living with diabetes you an use this guide to ask about your care when admitted to hospital,…

Exercise: you may find your blood glucose level has gone up immediately following exercise.

“I forgot to measure my BGL ….. “

Do you use your blood glucose level meter like a compass, giving you some direction with your diabetes self care plan? So, is missing an occasional blood glucose level a problem? At a meeting of diabetes health care professional specialists a few years ago I met an endocrinologist specialising in the diabetes management of young people living…


Exercise Physiologist & Diabetes

So often we nit-pick at our meal plans thinking that what we eat is the problem with our blood glucose levels. In fact our meal plan may be perfect …. but …..  our blood glucose level may not be. For people with type 2 diabetes, more energy spent on designing & participating in a safe & effective…

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A fresh look at The Christmas Meal

My family celebrated Christmas Day a month early this year because we’ll all be in different parts of the world on 25th December, and we value our annual family get together. I thought it was a good opportunity to remind you how easy it is to provide a delicious and nutritious lunch, especially for us…

"Now I have started insulin I feel like exercising; I have so much more energy"

Basal Bolus Insulin: Is It For You?

“Almost all patients with type 2 diabetes will eventually fail to respond adequately to oral hypoglycaemic drugs and will require insulin therapy. A regimen of bedtime intermediate-acting insulin in combination with daytime oral drugs is acceptable to patients, simple to start and results in rapid improvement in glycaemic control. It can be started safely in…

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Those cloudy days with diabetes

Yesterday it rained. It’s the time of the year where we should be stripping off, not layering on, but every rule has it’s exception. It’s the middle of November and it’s raining. It reminds me of having diabetes, you get a streak of good BGL (Blood Glucose Level) readings then BAM out of nowhere and…

In hospital different situations require specialist guidance

Diabetes in Hospital

Going into hospital can be a real challenge, especially for those people who have had diabetes a long time, and who are confident and competent in their self-management. Whether the hospital admission is for a medical or a surgical reason, your diabetes needs some special attention here. Ideally your HbA1c will be normal, or as…

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Breakfast with diabetes

Many people have been asking me about their breakfast choices lately, so hopefully this blog will help to answer some of your own breakfast questions.  They usually want to know how to choose a good breakfast cereal, how much of it to have to keep them feeling satisfied til morning tea without disrupting their blood…


Why High on Wakeup?

” My blood glucose level be fore bed is 5.8.  I wake up and its 7.4 …… WHY!!!???!!!???” Like all things about insulin, blood glucose level – diabetes – its not a simple explanation. But lets try and make it understandable in its simplest form (we can get more complex later) Glucose Commonly referred to…

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