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Guest post from Georgia: Fresh as a daisy!

Sharing a guest blog from Georgia today xx Helen I have got motivated this week, it is 2015 – a fresh start, my fresh start. After a long (needed) break it was go time, 2015 hit me with full force of determination; I was going to make this year mine. I started with the compulsory booking…

How to stand up to the fear of diabetes

I was thinking the other day that if someone could just come up with a way to check blood glucose that does not require turning your fingers into blackened stubs, where multiple areas bleed when you squeeze for one blood test, and they could eliminate hypos, I would be ok with having diabetes. There are…

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Making Rice Nice for Diabetes

Rice is one of those grains that can be problematic for people with diabetes, so I thought it might help if we explain a little of why that is, why different rices have varying effects on our BGLs and ways to make rice more diabetes friendly. You may know that, generally speaking, a quarter of a…

Diabetic Nerve Damage: Neuropathy

Diabetic Nerve Damage: Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can occur if you have diabetes. High blood glucose can injure nerve fibers throughout your body, but diabetic neuropathy most often damages nerves in your legs and feet. Depending on the affected nerves, symptoms of diabetic neuropathy can range from pain and numbness in your extremities to…

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Hypoglycaemia at School

‘Hypo’ or a low blood glucose level is one of the fears for all people living with diabetes. A low blood glucose level will often occur unexpectedly, sometimes without an obvious cause. For the child with diabetes,  a low blood glucose level may lead to loss of concentration and behaviour change – possibly disruptive behaviours….

Everything is Possible

Refuse to Give Up

  One of our Facebook members wrote this recently: Let me start by saying SORRY for the lengthy BIO, but every word is important…. please continue  to check your blood sugar levels and look for ANY skin cuts scrapes and scratches for infection…. (foot care plan) I had a simple blister the size of a dime/5c…

Children of all ages require a safe and effective plan for those times when not under their parents supervision

Diabetes and Hearing Loss

As people living with diabetes are at a greater risk of developing hearing loss, audiological tests to monitor auditory (hearing) function should be introduced into comprehensive packages of care provided by diabetes services. The American Diabetes Association report, ‘Standards of medical care in diabetes – 2014’ recommends that hearing impairment be assessed and addressed as one…

Navigating the Australian health care System

Navigating the Australian Health System

Health care in Australia is divided between Federal and State responsibility. To make the most of the system it is wise to understand how to navigate these systems, so you can get the best ‘value’ to enable your diabetes self care plan to be most efficiently and affordably implemented. The International Diabetes Foundation recognises that “People with…

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Sleep & Diabetes

How are you sleeping at night? All too often, the answer is the same: not well. Diabetes and sleep problems often go hand in hand. Diabetes can cause sleep loss, and there’s evidence that not sleeping well can increase the risk of developing diabetes. Symptoms Symptoms associated with insufficient sleep include feeling tired, irritability, slurred speech,…

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Tis the Season

It’s a given, around Christmas time to experience a rollercoaster of emotions.  For some it is the most dreaded time of the year, for others it’s the time they love most – then there are the majority who are plonked in the middle of the scale and just go along for the ride. People are…

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