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Fancy a beautiful Lunch in a Vineyard winery?

Hello. You already know that www.diabetescounselling.com.au is an Australian Charity, providing free education, support, and counselling to people with diabetes and their families. This means that there are also Volunteers who spend time fund raising throughout the year. In 2014 we are fortunate to be one of many charities generously supported by Channel 9 Telethon….

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Common denominator, the secret diabetes club

I’ve been at my job now for 6 months, I’ve hit the half way mark. As I am undergoing a traineeship we have to attend training days.  The other day I attended my third training day, I had met most of them there already, the fellow trainees, who were experiencing everything I was, and somehow…

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

Rahh!! Why is my BGL so High!

Living with diabetes is not only a roller coaster of often unpredictable Blood Glucose Levels, its also an emotional roller coaster ride. Often we hear those words of exasperation “why is my Blood Glucose Level so high!” Lets explore some of the more common causes of Blood Glucose Levels above target. What is the Target? It is…

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Understanding cholesterol levels and improving them

I often see clients who come to me with high cholesterol readings, even though they’re on a cholesterol medication. When we look at the cholesterol breakdown on their blood tests it often helps them to understand how they can make dietary/lifestyle improvements to help with their heart health. This blog intends to break down the…

Sweet Bytes September 2014

THE PRICK OF A THING ABOUT BLOOD GLUCOSE MONITORS Helen Edwards  Do you check your blood glucose regularly? I don’t ask in judgement, because we are all different when it comes to diabetes – some of you will check your blood many times a day, others not at all. It all depends on your type and…


Exercise and Hypoglycaemia

People with diabetes often have a real fear of exercising because of the risk of hypoglycaemia. With good education and a safe and effective self care plan, it is far less likely to suffer from a moderate to severe hypo episode. Lets look at some evidence around hypo and exercise.   Intermittent High-Intensity Exercise (IHE)…


Diabetes & Discrimination: Workplace

Diabetes impacts all aspects of a person life. Research has found a that diabetes impacts on the daily lives of individuals with diabetes and their family members. From the DAWN (Diabetes Attitudes Wishes and Needs) these impacts were in the following areas: Decrease in physical strength – 62% Worried about hypoglycaemic events – 55% Emotional…

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