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FreeStyle Libre

Abbott FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System

Have you heard the buzz about the FreeStyle Libre? Finger pricks (and the inaccuracy of these) remains one of the biggest issues facing many of us with diabetes. I know as someone who has had type 1 diabetes for 37 years and lives with gastroparesis, my diabetes is a tricky beast and it is not…

dealing with prednisolone and diabetes

Dealing with Prednisolone and Diabetes

Living with a chronic health condition means there is part of your body that needs a little assistance to function at its best. In diabetes you know only too well all the ways in which it can impact on your body and your life. After a while it is easy to get into a space where…

making resolutions that matter

Making Resolutions That Matter

As we head into a new year most of us reflect on the year we have had and what we hope for in the next. We seem to hold hope that a new year will be like a fresh start, a chance to do things differently or to take a new direction, an opportunity to…


Understanding the journey of pregnancy for women with type 1 diabetes

I wrote this post a while ago when I was starting my PhD. Having just had some time out and starting back, I decided to refresh the post, because I think understanding the journey of pregnancy for women with type 1 diabetes is so very important. So important that it is the topic of my PhD. The topic…

Why You Need to Take a Break From Diabetes

Why You Need to Take a Break From Diabetes

We all have our favourite memories and ideas about what makes the perfect holidays. Maybe yours is skiing on a powder white slope; lazing on a golden sunny beach under a palm tree; hiking in bushland; an eco holiday; rail journey or cruise – whatever the word “holiday” conjures up for you, there will be many dreams, memories, emotions…

Technology & Diabetes - like being on the wire without a safety net

Technology & Diabetes – like being on the wire without a safety net

When you live with diabetes, you can walk a very thin line. Depending on the type of diabetes, how long you have lived with it, how you choose to manage and your own personal preferences and personality, you may or may not check your blood glucose, and you may or may not spend a lot of…


Diagnosis of Diabetes: Diana’s Story

We have a great guest blog today from Diana who is sharing her journey so far with type 2 diabetes. She is a very newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, currently on Metformin and managing her diabetes with diet and exercise, and says she still has a lot to learn!!! We love to share our community’s…


How Many Grams of Carbs in THAT?

I hate scales. I mean I really hate them. The kind of scales that you have to step on at every doctor you ever go to once you have diabetes; the kind of scales that taunt you sitting under your cupboard in your bedroom, knowing that it is “only recommended to weigh yourself once a…

Why There is No Such Thing as Normal

Why There is No Such Thing as Normal

Have you ever felt like you didn’t measure up, didn’t quite “cut the grade”? Perhaps you felt not good enough, or inadequate, or worthless? Maybe you had the sense you just didn’t have it as all together as you would like, or like you dropped your bundle? The idea of normality is fairly new in human history.…

The Impact of Hypos in Diabetes

The Impact of Hypos in Diabetes

Do you hate hypos as much as me? Hypos can be a real problem and are probably one of the biggest fears for people with diabetes and their family members, and the impact of hypos in diabetes can be huge. Hypoglycemia, or hypos as often called by many of us, is technically when a person’s…

muffin break 5

A Look at The New Low Carb Muffin From Muffin Break

Brought to you by Muffin Break and Helen Edwards Creates Living with diabetes is no picnic as you all know, yet food is a central part of our frustrations (do you like the pun?!). But seriously, not being able to eat freely, when you want, where you want, what you want, can become an all…

Here are 5 ways to handle unexpected blood glucose levels:

5 Ways to Handle Unexpected Blood Glucose Levels

Last night I went to bed with a blood glucose level of 10 mmol and enough insulin on board from my pump to bring it down to 6 mmol overnight. Usually I sit up to wait out insulin on board, or higher levels, but this seemed a perfectly reasonable place to go to bed, as…

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