Dine In For Diabetes!


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what is dine in for diabetes®?

Dine In For Diabetes® is a virtually connected dinner celebrating your relationship with food!

Across March you can be a part of our exciting and fun annual event where everything at the fundraising event is in your control and can be done in your PJ’s at home with a dinner for one, at work, or at a hall full of people – YOU choose!

Most importantly 100% of your contribution goes directly towards supporting our work providing FREE diabetes counselling and education to people with diabetes and their families Australia wide.

how do you dine in for diabetes?

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Then simply invite your family, friends and workmates to join you in a delicious dinner, lunch, breakfast or any other form of eating together! Have them donate to your party to help raise vital funds so we can keep supporting the 280 people per day diagnosed with diabetes and their families.

The best thing is that Dine In For Diabetes is completely flexible. You can choose when in March to hold your event. You may be a whiz in the kitchen and decide to create a fine dining experience, or a more casual BBQ in the backyard or picnic at the local park, set up a family banquet around the table, or finger foods and a dance party!

set the date!

Visit the Dine In For Diabetes site to register your event, find your friend’s and families events to join and share fundraising tallies! Make a donation to someone even if you can not attend an event.

about us

Diabetes Counselling Online is the only national charity offering free e-counselling and diabetes education to all people living with diabetes and their families.

People with diabetes suffer twice the rates of depression and reduced wellbeing. Many people are confused and distressed by their relationship with food and the changes needed to have a healthy body.

Food is more than a physical need. We share food as a social and cultural event. There are so many messages out there about food and diets but a simple philosophy of fresh food prepared with love is the best one.

In today’s busy world many of us have forgotten to take time to cook, to share healthy food with loved ones and in doing so, look after not just our body but our minds.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favour this March and celebrate your relationship with food. Dine in and donate to the cause. Help us to connect people to better wellbeing and do something for your own wellbeing at the same time.

 Dine In For Diabetes this March and celebrate your relationship with food!