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What is it about alcohol?

What is it about alcohol?.

So if I were Kim Kardashian would I be happier?

So if I were Kim Kardashian would I be happier?.

Diabetes makes your brain bigger…..

Ok so just back from a normal morning of getting up past the alarm, finding the 17 year old son was going to school late so I had to take the 11 year old instead of him, getting myself, the …

Meditation is not just for hippies!

Deep relaxation and meditation are very natural and very powerful activities. Meditation is the method of bringing a scattered, disorganised mind into a state of peace, quiet and tranquillity. It is about focus and calmness. You might wonder how you …

The battle of the fat – survivor vs designer

As a long term “diabetic” “person with type 1 diabetes” “pancreatically challenged person” or whatever you may like to call it, I have also battled a life long war with weight….I am one of those lucky people who got not …

The art of diabetes management

We all know that science underpins diabetes don’t we? That billions of dollars are spent worldwide researching the causes, possible cures and treatment options for diabetes. That there are millions of scientists and health care professionals working hard in the …

What's it all about anyway? Or don't sweat the small stuff

I got to thinking the other day about life. I know, deep…..but from time to time lately (must be getting into my 40’s surviving 30 years of type 1 diabetes plus having teenagers and a toddler) I have really started …

Diabetes and eating disorders – overcoming the dangerous beast

We speak to lots of people living with body image problems and eating disorders – both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Many people with type 2 diabetes struggle with binge eating and body image issues; people with type 1 …

How do you have babies when your pancreas is missing in action?

Imagine a 12 year old girl, on the edge of adolesence, growing up, waiting for boyfriends, dreams, plans and ideals. Imagine a 12 year old girl who loves babies, who really wants babies and a family, as part of those …

people with diabetes can do anything!

Here is a media release from one of our Ambassadors Jack Perkins Oh and see more about our Diabetes  Counsellors and Ambassadors here 14th March, 2010 MEDIA RELEASE Jack Perkins secures two podium finishes in Aussie Racing Car debut …

An interesting ride time and time again!

We are entering into the world of blogging as another way to reach out to the many thousands of people living with diabetes. As a web based counselling service we hear stories from people every day that reflect our own …

Hello world!

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Diabetes Can’t Stop Me – a blog and community all about creating a happy healthy life with diabetes. I am Helen Edwards, person with type 1 diabetes, writer and blogger, diabetes advocate, consultant and speaker. I am also online retailer of sustainable homewares, podcaster, wife, mama to 3 gorgeous boys, and lover of people and planet.

Being all about health and happiness does not mean Diabetes Can’t Stop Me is all about ignoring the hard parts of diabetes, or the hard parts about life!

It is about sharing real stories, tips, ideas and inspiration; standing up for our rights, making sure people with diabetes are heard; and making connections. When you can see the whole picture, you see what is possible and you don’t let diabetes stop you living your life however you desire.

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